Jonathan Discount Video Management Services Product Management Director AT&T

More and more organizations are beginning to stream video both internally and externally. As they do, those involved with content delivery networks (CDNs), including Jonathan Discount, Director of Product Management, AT&T, are charged with ensuring that such video is delivered seamlessly and securely. Doing so is one thing if the video is a private, large-scale internal webcast, but it’s a much different proposition if the video feed is generated by an employee and sent to an external client via YouTube.

To get the most out of streaming video, Jonathan believes businesses need a well thought out, holistic strategy for its generation and distribution. Measurement matters as well. Exactly how should companies measure the effectiveness of streaming video? Jonathan admits there are challenges inherent to the use of video, including bandwidth issues and the ever-evolving number of mobile devices capable of viewing rich digital media. But what video makes possible—from remote training to collaboration—“will help business move faster,” he says.

Jonathan joined AT&T in late 2008. With a background in software development and digital media workflow and distribution, Jonathan has worked with several large telecommunications companies, including Verizon and MCI. He founded a Software as a Service company, Projecise.

Jonathan was interested in technology from a young age, and as a child growing up in Long Island, New York, spent hours playing ATARI 2600 and toying around on his Commodore VIC-20 and Apple II. At The College of William & Mary, Jonathan majored in history and minored in computer science. “When I sent out my resume, I had no callers for history, but I got plenty of calls for tech,” he says, adding that the communication skills he picked up while getting a liberal arts degree have been “a differentiator” for him.

The multi-faceted Discount is also a musician. Until 2000, he played guitar and piano with Gonzo’s Nose, a Washington, D.C. area cover band he founded in the 1990s. Playing a mix of pop classics from the 1980s and 90s, Jonathan and the band performed tunes like Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” for the U.S. army and allies in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Jonathan lives in D.C. with his wife, two-year old son, and a pair of dogs, including a blind Collie the family adopted and taught to go up and down stairs.

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