Larry Katz Messaging & Collaboration Technologies Product Management Director AT&T

Having worked with AT&T for nearly 9 years, Larry Katz started his career with the company in a  customer-server implementation role and advanced into product management.  Larry specializes in Microsoft-based Unified Communications and Collaboration apps.   He provides expertise on leading-edge Microsoft-based messaging solutions to external clients and internal teams.

In his current capacity, Larry creates message hosting architectures that provide AT&T customers who desire to move server management out of their own data centers and onto a more robust hosted  architecture. Such solutions allow the customer to turn what could be a significant capital investment into a monthly operational expense.

Larry’s driving passion is to deliver customer-driven solutions to everyday business problems. Larry sees himself as a problem-solver whose achievements include a recent patent that he authored with two other AT&T engineers. The patent is for an end-to-end email monitoring solution that verifies the ability of a client mail system to send and receive email messages to and from local and remote networks.

Prior to joining AT&T, Larry was an IT manager at Texas Instruments and later owned and operated his own IT consulting and staffing firm for a decade.  He is a published author and presenter, having written and presented a paper on the use of X-Windows in distributed control systems for an Industrial Computing Conference (ICC) symposium.

He holds a Master’s of Engineering in Computer Science from Loyola College in Baltimore, as well as a BS in Business and Management from the University of Maryland. His goal with blogging is to further his role at AT&T by educating both internal users and external customers about the company’s hosted messaging solutions, touching on areas such as security, availability, and optional features.

In his spare time, Larry enjoys biking, golfing, running, and reading.

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