Michael Hegeman Mobility Solutions Associate Marketing Director AT&T

As Associate Director of Marketing for AT&T Mobility Solutions, Michael Hegeman and his team help create the information clients need to understand how AT&T mobile applications solve business problems. There’s a somewhat overwhelming number of mobile products a client could consider so the team’s focus instead is on specific customer challenges and how mobile applications and solutions address them.

For example, a recent press release Michael’s team helped to create highlighted the business application of AT&T’s Enhanced Push-to-Talk for iPhone and garnered more media coverage than any in the AT&T Mobility Solutions 2013 portfolio. Bringing attention to the need for instant communications in challenging environments resonated with potential clients in manufacturing, engineering, hospitality, construction, government, and field service – and lead to AT&T Mobile Solutions’ significant contribution to the gross new subscriber number at AT&T.

Michael’s been solving business problems with mobile solutions for nearly 30 years, always on the cutting edge of mobile technology and working to get the newest programs, apps, and mobile tools into the hands of businesses. Before coming to AT&T in 2010, he served as VP mobile apps at EDS, where he created outsourced bundled solutions to serve business needs. He was director of wireless for Hewlett-Packard, back when companies were just beginning to figure out what wireless meant for their business. At HP, he created a developer community for Microsoft’s first Windows mobile app (Windows CE), and Michael’s group developed the very first Windows CE device based on the MS app (HP 300LX).

He remembers selling his first cell phone back in 1984. It cost $3500 just for hardware and installation. Sticking with mobility for that long has required perseverance but Michael enjoys the constant change and is always learning something new. He notices how his teenage kids filter their worlds through technology and is inspired to help evolve AT&T’s marketing, always investigating new ways to educate and communicate.

An avid follower and player of sports, Michael loves competition and played division I baseball for his alma mater, St. Mary’s College in California. Between games and practice, he also managed to earn his bachelor of science in business administration with a minor in economics from St. Mary’s.

He takes time every season to coach his kids’ teams and believes sports can be a powerful tool for building character. One of Michael’s favorite books – which happens to be about his very own high school team – is entitled When the Game Stands Tall: The Story of the De La Salle Spartans and Football's Longest Winning Streak. It illustrates the power of sports and how the coach led the streak by standing for something bigger than winning.

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