Michael Suby Vice President of Research Frost & Sullivan

As VP research for Frost & Sullivan, Michael Suby brings 12 years industry analyst experience, having worked as a business director, consultant, and analyst. He and his team of influential and high performance analysts help support client growth initiatives by uncovering shifts in the information communications technology industry and predicting trends that will reshape the industry.

Over his 25-year career, Michael has built a strong foundation of information communication technology knowledge and honed his managerial and professional skills. Beginning with AT&T in 1986 as senior manager, he then moved on to senior market research analyst at Qwest Communications.  He began his tenure at Frost & Sullivan as a contributing analyst, and since 2000 has served as leader of Frost & Sullivan’s Stratecast division. In all these roles he made marked improvements in team efficiency and business metrics.

His expertise spans communication technologies, products, and services, from fixed wired to mobile wireless; IT with concentration in virtualization, including desktop, server, and storage; information and network security technologies, products, and services; and a variety of service delivery models, including appliances, managed and outsourced services, and cloud-based offerings.

He brings to each engagement a track record of success in meeting client needs, escalating roles in team and project management, and an ever-broadening portfolio of subject expertise and industry connections.

Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Luther College in Iowa and a master’s degree in economics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He lives in Denver.

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