Sam Farraj Global Business Services Content Delivery & Security Platform AVP AT&T

As a cyclist and triathlete with a strong interest in emerging technology, Sam Farraj has learned to take the long view, a perspective well-suited to his leading role in AT&T’s Content Delivery Network.

When a company transitions any process to the cloud, performance and security are key. As AVP, Content Delivery and Security Platforms, Sam creates strategies and develops products that help AT&T’s enterprise customers choose the right platform for their web apps and assets – and allow them the confidence that their users will enjoy a faster, more secure experience.

Sam and his team help businesses realize the benefits in productivity, online sales and site traffic that can come from moving to the cloud. They offer content delivery network solutions that reduce page load times while improving web application performance, with a heavy emphasis on optimizing the experience for the fast-growing mobile audience. And Sam’s team serves that need for speed while also ensuring clients have a complete security solution for the cloud that also protects their most valuable assets.

Sam’s been with AT&T since 2007, initially leading the company’s digital media solutions initiative. In that role he reshaped AT&T’s content delivery network offering, allowing more companies to benefit from fast content delivery, a better quality user experience, the critical growth in mobile web users, and prevention of web attacks. His digital media team also delivered enterprise-ready streaming and on-demand video services and digital signage solutions.

Before that, in his pre-AT&T days, Sam worked in officer and senior executive leadership positions critical to building or growing businesses to meet market-driven requirements, including at MCI (now Verizon) and a number of startups.

Having been successful in both those start-up and Fortune 50 organizations, Sam is aware of the risks of both the silo-ed corporate environment and the fast pace required in technology companies. In some business situations, solution providers can take the short view, often at the expense of a solid customer experience. Sam’s perspective reflects his experience as a triathlete, recognizing that, in the long run, customers make the business possible. He takes their view and advocates for the customer, recognizing what rapidly changing technology means for their business.

Sam holds a master’s degree in management information systems from the University of Maryland Graduate School of Management and Technology, and a bachelor’s in finance from the University of Maryland.

He lives in Vienna, Virginia and enjoys cycling, fitness training, and watching his daughter play soccer. And when he’s not competing in triathlons, he’s training for one. In his most recent race, Sam swam .93 miles, biked 25 and ran 6.2 miles through the Virginia countryside.

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