Sean Horan Mobility Applications Solutions M2M Sales Manager AT&T

Machine to Machine (M2M) communication is one of the hottest areas of technology today.  Sean Horan knows M2M and is now part of the Networking Exchange Blog.  He has worked with AT&T since April 2010 and is very interested in M2M apps and how to market them more effectively to AT&T customers.

Sean taught me a lot during our intake interview about Telematics.  This refers to the blending of telecommunications and informatics.  This is a growing area as more and more vehicles are equipped with the ability not only to track a vehicle’s location (GPS-related functions) but also to deal with operations within the vehicle.

Since Sean loves mobility it only makes sense that he loves his iPad, as many of us do.  He has worked with technology since the days of the Commodore VIC 20 and Packard Bell PCs (I remember those!).

Sean is a very knowledgeable, fun person who knows his area of expertise.  We look forward to hearing from him how consumers are deploying Telematics both for personal and business use (think Fleet vehicles).  This is an area that is growing rapidly.

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