Steve Moser Network Visitor Program Manager AT&T

As Network Visitor Program Manager, Steve Moser makes sure visitors to the AT&T Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) have a good experience. The GNOC is the command center for AT&T’s worldwide telecommunications network and tracks over 45 petabytes of data every day, including 1.4 billion voice calls and 5 billion text messages. It’s the largest facility of its kind in the world, and Steve sees it as a great learning lab for AT&T’s customers. His role is to manage tours and communicate the opportunity the GNOC offers for companies, healthcare systems, universities and government to discover best practices for managing the ever increasing deluge of data in our network-reliant world.


Steve has been with AT&T since 1980, working as service manager, project manager, and account executive. He’s worked with accounts of all sizes and in a wide variety of organizations, including enterprise, government, and health care. This first-hand experience over the years with all kinds of AT&T customers allows him knows well their expectations.

A natural communicator, Steve can explain a D-DOS attack to even the most profound technophobes and has used this skill to great effect during his long career in telecommunications. As a customer training manager early in his career, he provided classroom instruction to hundreds of AT&T customers, including all the police departments in New Jersey as part of the roll out of Enhanced 911 Service. He also worked in another AT&T briefing center environment, presenting product and service demonstrations, conducting sales seminars at trade shows and managing the trade show function.

At home in Matawan, New Jersey, Steve enjoys working in his garden and doing DIY projects around the house. He recently expanded his patio and installed a fountain for ambience. A fan of Charles Dickens, he’s read A Tale of Two Cities many times and highly recommends reading “A Christmas Carol” to those who have only seen the movie. He is married (to the woman of his dreams), and has two sons and a daughter.


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