Sudeep Trivedi Product Marketing Management Director AT&T

His responsibilities embrace all aspects of product management, including defining strategies, driving innovation, and managing customer satisfaction. He’s often found leading marketing webinars, podcasts, and analyst briefings, or working with customers to help establish AT&T’s thought leadership in cloud and collaboration technology.

Sudeep joined AT&T in 2006, and he has been working “in the cloud” for over five years. As one of the pioneers in the emerging cloud applications market, he is passionate about helping organizations improve workplace efficiencies by implementing collaboration-enabled business processes to make people-oriented processes more efficient.

Before joining AT&T, Sudeep worked with CASAHL Technology, Inc., a start-up company he helped establish that specialized in collaboration application integration and migration. As Chief Technology Officer, he was instrumental in providing technology leadership as well as building relationships with partners and customers.

Sudeep holds a Master of Technology degree from the Indian Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from SGSITS, India.

Offering a special combination of technology experience and market insight, Sudeep looks forward to blogging as a way to share his enthusiasm and knowledge about cloud, email, and collaboration.

Sudeep lives with his wife and daughter in the San Francisco Bay area. A confessed “fitness freak,” he loves the active lifestyle, whether working out, running, biking, or hiking, as well as traveling and spending with family. To help fuel all these active pursuits, he’s recently taken on a new hobby — baking breads!

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