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A woman of many talents, Susan Wilson Solovic is New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author, an award-winning entrepreneur, a CEO, a journalist, media personality, and attorney.  But behind every achievement, Solovic embodies ideas that make her universally and intimately relatable to all entrepreneurs: hard work, fortitude, and persistence.  In a world of quick and questionable viral fame, Solovic is a rare commodity: she is what she preaches.

Raised in rural Missouri by entrepreneurial parents, Solovic learned early the meaning and value of becoming one’s own boss.  At the age of 15, when most adolescents are preoccupied with growing up, Solovic had already started her own business giving baton-twirling lessons.    She would go on to be the first in her family to graduate from law school—made possible by working full time.  But later on, feeling that law was not her ultimate calling, Solovic tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit by building a company from the ground up.  As CEO and co-founder of (formerly, Solovic led the company from a concept to a multi-million dollar, award-winning enterprise.  In 2006, Solovic accepted the Stevie Award on behalf of for the Most Innovative Company under 100 employees; that same year, was voted the Best Investment Opportunity presenting to a Venture Forum event in the Silicon Valley.

Solovic is also a sought-after keynote speaker, as well as a small-business contributor for ABC News.  She appears frequently on Fox Business and Fox News as well as many other major media outlets. She hosts a nationally syndicated radio show, It’s Your Biz with Susan Solovic, during which she invites leading entrepreneurial experts from across the country to share their unique perspectives on the world of small business.  In conjunction with PBS, she created a feature program called  Reinvent Yourself Now:  Become Self-Reliant in an Unpredictable World.  In addition to television and radio appearances, Solovic is a featured blogger on numerous sites, including Fast Company,, Constant Contact,, and the U.S.  Small Business Administration.  She is one of the small business experts to AT&T.

Solovic has written three bestselling books: The Girls’ Guide to Power and Success; Reinvent Your Career: Attain the Success You Desire and Deserve; and The Girls’ Guide to Building a Million-Dollar Business.  Her most recent book, It’s Your Biz soared to number 3 on Amazon’s Top 100 bestsellers and was in the top 10 on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller lists.

A fervent activist for entrepreneurs, Solovic received the Institute for Women’s Entrepreneurship Leader of Distinction Award, and in she was the first recipient of AT&T’s Innovator of the Year Award for being a pioneer in a new industry.

Solovic also currently serves on the advisory board for the John Cook School of Business Entrepreneurial Studies at Saint Louis University, one of the top-rated entrepreneurial schools in the United States.  Previously, she served on the National Women’s Business Council, which counsels the President, Congress, and the SBA on issues affecting women business owners.  And somehow she still finds time for hobbies: Solovic is an avid cook and pianist, and believes in living a healthy lifestyle.  She has a passion for meeting and learning about new people and making a positive impact on their lives.  Having reinvented herself time and time again--while still holding on to core principles--she is an archetype of the entrepreneurial spirit, which affords her a unique vantage point from which to share information and insight with business owners around the world.

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