Victor Rozumny ITO Custom and Complex Engineering Team Principal Technical Architect AT&T

As principal technical architect for the ITO Custom and Complex Engineering Team, Victor leads the design solutions for AT&T’s hosted messaging customers. He has assisted in complex design solutions for Boy Scouts of America, Manitowoc Cranes, and Bank of America. Since joining AT&T, he has also had the role of senior product engineer and certification specialist.

He brings a range of experience to the job and holds certifications for numerous operating systems. In the second quarter of 2012, Victor received AT&T’s Applications and Services Infrastructure Quarterly Senior Vice President Excellence Award for outstanding performance and customer dedication. In his previous role with Microsoft, Victor made several trips to India to conduct technical training for Microsoft partners and also for Microsoft FTE’s in Bangalore. As a Microsoft-certified systems engineer, Victor has the ability to communicate technical issues to non-technical audiences and translate complexity into value for customers.

In his spare time, Victor enjoys motorcycle rides, theology and religious history, surfing, and digital photography. He resides on the beautiful Carolina coast, a landscape that inspires him daily.

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