Why is Unified Communications important for your business?

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Imagine two rival businesses in the year 1948.

In the fierce competition for market share, they are equally matched. Then, something happens.

Business A gets its hands on a new technology. It’s a teleportation device. The CEO and his team can step into their teleportation pod in New York and step out in the manufacturing plant in Wyoming almost instantaneously.

Soon, they’re using their teleport pods to bring together potential clients from all over the country, then from all over the world. During one of the presentations, an executive has a question that only an engineer can answer.

No problem.

Business A calls the engineer, who hops into his pod in Maryland and appears at the meeting. Not only that, he carries with him a model that elegantly explains the difficult concept. The potential clients applaud, then become actual clients.

Meanwhile, Business B is still working with their 1948 technology. Sketchy phone lines. Flying for hours in prop planes for face-to-face meetings. Sending letters by mail.

You don’t have to be a Ph.D. to see where this is headed. Things don’t look too good for our friends at Business B. If they want to keep up, they need to use the new technology to enhance how they do business.

Where Unified Communications fits into your business story

Any technology that helps a business close the distance between team members and clients while collaborating in near-real time is a powerful asset. And although the teleportation pod hasn’t yet arrived to boost business, Unified Communications (UC) has.

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Businesses are increasingly geographically diverse. At the same time, technology has intensified the rate of competitive intensity in the market.

In this environment, UC enables employers to give tools to their employees that enable almost seamless collaboration. It also allows employees to make faster decisions. It’s a powerful catalyst for creativity, collaboration, and efficiency.

Imagine your company…today

It’s no longer 1948, and we are no longer in the realm of imagination. We’re talking about your business today. Other businesses—including your competitors—are likely using UC to boost efficiency.

Ask yourself and your team if you are:

  • Conducting conferences and participating in meetings from anywhere, anytime, and with virtually any device, saving time and travel expense?
  • Accessing content and collaborating on the go to help accelerate the pace of business?
  • Integrating mobility functionality to maximize productivity?

This is what UC is all about.

In today’s world, you need to be able to communicate face-to-face through multiple media, any time, and on any device. The right UC solution enables you to do that.

MoreWhy is Unified Communications important for your business?

Watch this short video for more on why UC is key to helping your business survive and thrive.

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