15 Signs You Work in #InfoSec

As everyone knows, it takes a very special type of person to work in Information Security. We’ve partnered with IEEE to celebrate our inner geeks and have together compiled a top 15 list of what it means to work in Information Security.

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1. You write Proof of Concept code faster than someone can say: “Who would do that?”

2. You hover your mouse over every link sent to you by email or instant message, even from your friends. ESPECIALLY from your friends.

3. When your computer is running slow, you immediately suspect compromise and check network logs.

4. You spent the first hour with your new game console sniffing its network traffic and scanning its ports, and THEN you started playing a game.

5. You ask people to tell you about their phishing emails in case they get “a good one.”

6. A “Blackhat” is not a fashion accessory

7. “Reversing” has nothing to do with driving your car backwards.

8. A “sandbox” is not something in which kids play.

9. Your shell collection has nothing to do with aquatic life.

10. Denial of service does not mean you had one too many drinks at a bar.

11. Your primary concern in choosing a bank is whether they support two factor authentication.

12. When someone tells you their application is secure, you immediately rattle off at least 3 things they hadn’t considered and watch their startled reaction.

13. You evaluate your relationships with friends and colleagues based on password length and passcode complexity.

14. You’ve stayed up way too late because you’re THIS close to finishing a Capture the Flag challenge.

15. Your favorite movie is the Matrix Reloaded, because Trinity correctly uses SSHNuke.

Is the above true? Do you have anything to add to the list? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below and on social media with the hashtag, #securitygeekchat.


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Note: this blog post was originally compiled for National Geek Pride Day on May 25th.


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