What Do Pinewood Derby Cars And WAN Acceleration Have In Common?

Hello and welcome to our ongoing blog series on “How do I Manage all Those Cans and Strings?”  The feedback and comments have been great as we explore a non-technical approach to technology–specifically, moving from managing multiple disparate networks to one converged network with MPLS. Our last blog was a funny little look that tied together buying a used go-cart in small town Alabama and engaging an IP based contact center. Click Here if you missed it.

Have you or someone you know ever talked about all the drama associated with a pinewood derby race?  This is an event where parents help their children carve and paint a race car out of a chunk of wood.  Let’s just say that Lon Jr. didn’t get a trophy last year.  There is a lot of pressure on parents to prevent possible tears of disappointment in the annual race.  Then there are other concerns, like how do we make this car so it doesn’t look like I did all the work.  Where do I find all the tricks of the trade to balance the weight and make the car’s wheels spin better than the competition?

The pressures for speed and performance transcends to the business world.  We have been talking about benefits of technical convergence in this blog series. One example of how we can fine tune our business vehicles can be seen with your MPLS network. Can it run better?  Enterprises can make their network “Better than it was before…. We can make it Better, Stronger, Faster”—like the Six Million Dollar Man– through implementing Wan Acceleration or WANX.

WANX: better, stronger, faster

Simply put, WANX are the methods and processes used to prioritize and relay traffic in a way that makes your MPLS VPN run “Better, Stronger, and Faster.”  Some folks call WANX, “Applications Performance Management.”  While speed and bandwidth of your network are at the forefront, you also want to have the tools in place to detect, diagnose, remedy and report application performance issues.  Underutilized networks are costly, and bottlenecks can cause lost data.  You want faster video, file sharing, emails, Web access, and collaboration so your business will be more efficient and productivity will increase.  Compromising any one of those network needs can bring a business to tears, like not winning a trophy at the pinewood derby race.

For Lon Jr., my fear of tears ended after the first heat in my son’s age group. He actually took third place in his age group, and 20th out of 140 overall.  The difference between Lon Jr.’s time and the first place overall     winner was 4.6 hundredths of a second. In business and on the race track, every millisecond counts.

Below is a video that will help moms and dads get their child’s pinewood derby car to the finish line. Below that is a white paper on WAN Acceleration for business users whose network may need some fine tuning:

Want pinewood derby wheel preparation?

This white paper link presents a product brief on WAN Acceleration for business users whose network may need some fine tuning: Applications Performance Product Brief

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