2015 Security Predictions webinar

  • Insidious security threats are on the rise as mobile apps, big data, and the IoT evolve.

  • Join the 2015 Security Predictions webinar for information on protecting your business from new threats.

Information security threats are evolving, and as a result, so are organizations’ risks and exposure. Growing adoption of mobile apps, big data initiatives, and the Internet of Things is opening up new points of entry for malicious attacks, enabling cyber criminals to gain access to personal and financial data and corporate intellectual property. The traditional “grab and go” forms of breach are being superseded by insidious “low and slow” threats that are harder to detect.

Our 2015 Security Predictions webinar examines what new threats are on the horizon for 2015. It provides a holistic view to help equip your business to resist evolving forms of attack over the coming year.

Join us as three leading security experts from AT&T interpret what these top predictions mean for your organization and how to steer your business safely through them.

They’ll outline practical steps you can take to strike the balance between security expenditure and risk exposure, so you can allocate resources accordingly.

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