3 Businesses Benefiting From Enhanced Push-to-Talk

One of the most exciting parts about being on a team launching new products to market is hearing how the various businesses benefit from our communications services. These seemingly different companies share one common thread — the need to quickly connect scattered workers in an instant. What’s even better than hearing these stories is when you can feel really good about the companies and the services they provide.

Here’s a look at 3 types of businesses benefiting from AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk:


When it comes to saving lives, instant communication is critical. We’re working with a large hospital in Nashville to instantly connect their LifeFlight operations, operating rooms, and other critical care teams as they work to serve patients on a daily basis. I feel great about knowing that our team has played a small part in helping these talented professionals save lives every day.


On a lighter note, we’re working with a 5-star luxury hotel in Colorado to help them provide the ultimate customer service to their valued guests. After all, their guests expect (and have paid for!) a high level of service, and with EPTT, the hotel staff is always connected (even over Wi-Fi) and empowered to do what they aspire to do best – deliver excellent services to their guests, every day.

Security services

Rock Security has equipped 150 of its officers with Enhanced Push-to-Talk to provide superior security services to individual, residential, commercial, industrial, and event clients alike. In fact, the company has supplied security to both the Golden Globe Awards and the Grammy’s. Enhanced Push-to-Talk even offers Rock Security a workforce management application that allows officers to call in using their employee ID numbers enabling the system to automatically clock them in.


As we bring Enhanced Push-to-Talk to more customers, be on the lookout for more inspiring stories about how we’re empowering people to be better connected and more productive.

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