3 considerations when moving to hosted unified communications

  • An Internet connection from your local ISP will not be reliable enough for most UC apps.

  • An MPLS based service provides the ability to classify traffic so each app performs at an optimal level.

  • Session border controller (SBC) provides security and QoS for cloud-based services.

The market for hosted unified communications and IP voice services is growing at a healthy clip – 13 percent this year, according to Infonetics. The research group projects it will reach 62.6 billion seats by 2018, accounting for $12 billion in revenue. This seems like a good time, then, to offer up some key considerations for companies as they embark on a hosted UC deployment:

1. Fast, reliable connection – Any hosted offering relies on having a fast, reliable connection to the service provider, but most UC applications are even more demanding on that front. A run-of-the-mill Internet connection from your local ISP is not likely going to cut it. A better choice is a service based on MPLS, which provides the ability to classify traffic to ensure each application gets the level of performance it needs.  Services based on MPLS are typically delivered as virtual private networks (VPNs) and provide additional security. Carrier Ethernet is another option. VPNs are available over Ethernet connections; users implement their own Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms on top of the service.

2. Security considerations – Security is often the top reason companies are reluctant to move to cloud-based services. However, in most cases, service providers have the tools and expertise to provide a proper level of security. Session border controller (SBC) is used to provide security and QoS. SBCs are devices that are able to detect attacks on video and audio streams that are beyond the scope of a firewall and can detect and prevent denial of service attacks as well.

3. User Experience – Consider how your users will be using your UC solution. What equipment are they using? Where are they working: remote office or home office? Once your network is in place, and you are leveraging the power of the cloud, your employees’ success is limitless.

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