3 mobile trends that are changing your business

  • The proliferation of mobile tech means coworkers and managers are accustomed to being able to reach each other at any time.

  • IT can enlist employees to test and report findings on potential enterprise-supported apps.

Mobile tech has been changing the way users work and communicate, creating new and more efficient ways of doing things. These three trends are already changing your business, and you can get ahead of the curve by leveraging what your employees may already be doing.

Mixing business and personal uses via mobile tech

The combination of cloud-based computing and easily-installed apps has turned the services used by individuals into an uncontrollable landscape. Enterprises can make recommendations to employees, but the volume of traffic and activity makes it difficult for companies to enforce usage. While it’s possible to install monitoring systems on portable devices, many companies have opted for one of two more proactive tactics.

Most users prefer the first option, which is to partition the phone into two identities. Creating a secondary identity by using a virtual workspace is common practice on desktop computers and has recently become possible on mobile devices.

The second option is using two different phones. Companies can provide devices to users that remain under the control of the enterprise and also provide absolute segmentation of usage and data.

Mobile tech means employees are always connected

It’s no surprise that many employees keep their phones turned on 24/7. Most of their non-work hour activity may be for personal use, but coworkers and managers have grown accustomed to being able to reach each other at any time. The advantage is that issues can be addressed quickly, and companies have been able to avoid problems that could impact their business.

The downside is the possible ill will caused by unwanted calls during time set aside for family interaction.

Managing an app culture

Applications running on most desktop computers in the office remain relatively static and is generally tightly controlled by IT. The introduction of apps for mobile devices has changed both the mindset and the uses for those who can instantly install these powerful functions on their phones. Many employees are motivated to get their work done quickly and efficiently, and they’re willing to experiment with apps. IT can leverage employees’ enthusiasm to try new things by enlisting them to report their findings. IT then has an opportunity to vet the successful programs for inclusion in recommended or supported enterprise apps.

Mobile culture and technology are making inroads into enterprise functions as progressive IT groups are learning what works—and making the most of the wave of innovation so your employees and your business can be more productive.

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