5 Critical Elements of Successful Mobile Deployments

  • Retailers blazed the mobility trail towards customer loyalty, higher sales, profitability.
  • An IDC paper outlines five steps that will have the greatest impact on the success of a mobile deployment project.

Clear, unencumbered guidance is a real gem amid the daily deluge of digital opinion papers on every topic imaginable. Leslie Hand’s latest Business Strategy paper titled IDC PeerScape – Retail Mobility Project-Based Initiatives is a concisely written, practical guide for any retail company looking to deploy mobile solutions. Acknowledging that mobile implementations are inherently complex, Hand points out that retailers that have successfully blazed the mobility trail reap the rewards of greater customer loyalty, higher sales, and profitability.

The report outlines five critical initiatives that will have the greatest impact on the success of a mobile deployment project:

1. Identify and align cross-functional resources. 

Engage technical expertise across all elements of the solution and outsource to fill skill gaps.

2. Establish KPIs and test for performance and usability. 

Benchmarks for each app must be defined. Find out what high performance car maker suffered an embarrassing mobile app crash following its Super Bowl advertisement.

3. Clearly articulate governance policies.

Extending general IT governance to include mobile ensures compliance with corporate values.

4. Adopt agile implementation methods.

Iterative deployments encourage refinement and avoid reworking.

5. Leverage cloud or SaaS-Based services. 

These infrastructure alternatives offer lower capital outlays, enable consolidation of servers and software, and provide flexible computing capacity.

Satisfying customers today transcends place or time. Leaders in retail must be available to customers everywhere they are: in the store, on the web, or on their device. A robust mobile solution is absolutely essential to achieving customer engagement today.

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