The 5 hallmarks of a network fit for the future

  • Networks of the past can’t necessarily support company growth.

  • IP networking can reduce the complexity of disparate networks.

  • IP networking can unleash new applications, processes, and more.

Has your network grown to the point it’s unwieldy, sluggish, and costly to maintain? As applications and communications channels multiply, the networks of the past can’t support the kind of growth and flexibility businesses need to move forward.

There is a solution. Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)–based IP networking can reduce the complexity of disparate networks and vendors, while enabling organizations to unleash innovative applications and extend their global reach. But how do you make a business case for a network investment that will prepare your organization for tomorrow and beyond, when the future is an ever-moving target?




For starters, an IP network can help you run your business more smoothly today and can provide a foundation for ongoing evolution. When evaluating the options, look for a truly future-proof solution that includes:

1. Scalability and flexibility – To enable applications and services globally without having to build a larger and more complex infrastructure, you need an intelligent, application-aware platform to prioritize traffic according to business criticality.

2. Intelligence and security – Look for the ability to provide network-based security, integrity, and service availability across all locations.

3. Application enablement – Deploy VoIP, unified communications, cloud computing and storage, security and other services, all within your IP environment.

4. Wireless integration – Bring together your network, mobile devices, and IP applications, so your remote and mobile workers can be productive at all times.

5. Management capabilities – Multiple aspects of your network should be accessible through a single pane of glass, allowing you to monitor and manage activity and improve productivity.

By embracing an IP network now, you’ll be poised to handle growing volumes of voice, video, and data over time without sacrificing performance. You can then add cloud services, applications, and unified communications solutions as needed.

Why wait for business and market developments to catch you off guard, when you can make your network future-ready now?


Sybil Fitzpatrick Lead Product Marketing Communications AT&T About Sybil