5 Ways to Keep Remote Workers Connected and Productive

The remote worker has become something of a mythical figure in the business world. We all know their ranks are swelling, but some of us aren’t entirely sure what they do—or how well they do it. While there are certainly many advantages to being a remote worker, working from home can present some challenges in the workplace as well. Here are some tips designed to keep your workers connected, informed, and most important of all, happy!

Keep in the loop with dynamic conferencing platforms

Remote workers often revel in the privacy offered by working from home. They claim that freedom from distraction and the ability to work in a comfortable environment makes them more productive. However, everyone needs a face-to-face check-in once in a while, and a dynamic videoconferencing tool is the perfect solution. Set a fixed day and time every week to videoconference with your remote employees to keep them accountable and productive. If the duties of your remote employees call for them to be constantly on the go, Push-to-Talk services is another powerful solution that allows them to connect from the road at a moment’s notice.

Share data through secure, cloud-based connections

Today, technology allows you to securely and seamlessly connect remote workers to your network as if they were in the office next door. Provide your remote workers with the same access to the same files, contacts, and collaboration tools as your in-house employees by adopting a fully integrated virtual private network (VPN). Establishing a shared VPN means all employee—whether remote or in-house—can produce, edit, and share data through the same platforms, eliminating any risk of employees producing and sharing incompatible files.

Remove the barriers to collaboration

Ease of collaboration becomes especially important when everyone is in different places. But with the proper platform for task management, file sharing, and messaging, your remote workers will have the world at their fingertips. Putting remote employees in constant, seamless contact with their co-workers will also help build peer accountability into the system, as each employee will know who is waiting for them to move a project forward, and who they’re depending on to get a job done.

Expand access across devices

If your company doesn’t already have a bring-your-own device (BYOD) policy in place, it’s probably time to get one. The reality is that whether at the corporate office, home office, or on the road, both your business and employees will benefit from seamless access to important business information. Energize your business with a complete mobility management solution so your remote workers can stay in the loop whether they’re accessing data from a business computer or a personal mobile device.

What tools does your business use to empower its remote workforce? Share your experiences in the comments below!


Cheryl Burgess is Co-Author of the book, The Social Employee . She is also managing partner of Blue Focus Marketing. AT&T has sponsored this blog post.

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