5 ways to create fans through customer experience

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Your products and services are the base of your business, but without customers, they don’t amount to much—other than all the hard work you put in to creating them.

Retaining your existing customers and attracting new ones is the most important work you can do to keep your business thriving. Making the time they spend interacting with your site, your store, and your support staff easy and enjoyable pays off in happy customers and more sales.

Take note of these five areas that touch your customers and can help boost customer satisfaction.

1. Get personal

Your customers want your products, but that doesn’t mean they are all the same or even that they will use your products in the same way. And they certainly don’t want to be grouped into a generic identity.

Customize their experience based on their preferences. Let them make choices about what they see and how they interact, then deliver based on their responses.

2. Train your staff

Make certain your staff understands the products they sell and support. Beyond that, educate them about the company, its history, and its strategies.

Customers can tell whether the person they are working with understands and believes in the company they work for even if they are only answering simple questions. The more they know, the better brand representatives they can be.

3. Say “thank you”

Every time you send a transactional email confirming an interaction with a customer, lead off with a thank you. Even when customers make complaints, your first action should be to thank them for trusting you to help.

Other opportunities include customer appreciation events and special discounts offered to your most prized customers. Also consider hard-copy greeting cards with personal hand-signed notes for your elite segment.

4. Encourage customers to share

Sharing on social media is simple and important, but getting your customers to share their good experiences in more personal ways can bring an even bigger payoff. Offer them special incentives that they can share with their friends. These can be in the form of discounts that both receive when a customer refers a friend.

5. Respond to customer ideas

Your customers use your products and services because they want to. As they do, they discover things they like and things they think could be done better or at least differently.

It may not be possible or even advisable to add every customer suggestion to your product plans, but at minimum you should respond with specific and thoughtful comments—and a thank you.

Some of the very best ideas come from the customers who work hard to incorporate your products into their business. The fact they took the time to share their concerns in a positive way is worthy of consideration.

Your customers view your company through their interactions. Make certain that every interaction they have is positive and rewarding. They will stay customers and refer others.

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