6 Critical Steps To Add Mobility To Your Marketing Mix

So, you’d like to start incorporating mobility components into your marketing campaign.  With so many new ways to touch your customer with your message, it’s easy to just jump in and see what sticks. But before you go crazy (and possibly waste money or frustrate your customers), there are some basic rules to follow for better results:

1. Plan.

Develop your marketing goals first and then choose the mobile marketing components that will best help you reach your goals.

2. Ask permission.

Ask your customers how and if they want you to communicate with them:

    • Ask them to opt in (resist the urge to just buy a list of cell phone numbers and email addresses and start “spamming” that list incessantly)
    • Ask them which types of communication they prefer (SMS? Email? Other?)
    • Ask them how often they want you to communicate with them (Daily? Monthly? Only about a specific topic? Only when there’s a special offer?)

3. Don’t overdo it.

A customer’s cell phone is a personal thing. You don’t want your customer to get frustrated that they’ve received excessive messaging from you and then opt out – leaving them annoyed and you with no opportunity to message them again.

4. Optimize for mobile.

If you’re driving your customer to a website via a “click-through,” make sure that the website page that you’re sending them to is optimized for viewing on a wireless device.  (The last thing you want is to get your customer half way there, and then make them so frustrated with the experience that they don’t read more about your product, place an order, or take the action you were driving them to the website to do.)

5. Measure, measure, measure!

Develop a plan to measure your results and determine whether your campaign was a success.  Carefully track click-throughs to your website, opt-outs, coupons redeemed, information downloaded, etc.

6. Make adjustments.

Use the measurement results from #5 above to tweak your campaign to find the perfect mobility marketing mix for your company and situation.

By following these simple rules, your customers will be happier with your communications–and you’ll see better results. Happy mobile marketing!

What have you learned from your mobile marketing experience?  Do you have some tips you’d like to share about communicating with customers?
Barbara Jones Mobility Marketing Director AT&T About Barbara