A Cloud Based Service or a Cloud Wash

When Cloud Computing became a buzz word, many companies wanted to market their products as Cloud based. Some companies got on the Cloud wagon fast and started to provide Cloud based applications and services. Some companies simply renamed their remote server applications and services as Cloud-based. This is called a “cloud wash.”

Why is a service on a remote server not counted as Cloud based? It is because it doesn’t automatically scale up or down based on customer demand using resizable resources. For example: a company provides a location-based service that resides in a remote server. If additional customers use it simultaneously, the server will not be able to accommodate the load. The company will have to add extra hardware/software to expand the capacity of the server in order to handle the traffic. This traditional process could take months. On the other hand, if the location-based service is in a Cloud environment, rapid bandwidth allocation will manage the additional load.

Does it sound like the Cloud environment is a good way to go? Companies might decide to put their applications into a Cloud environment and take advantage of the Cloud elastic nature. This would not work well either. Cloud is designed to provide a conceptual infinite scalability. However, a service cannot leverage the scalability if the application is not architected with scalability in mind. Therefore, in order to have maximum benefit, architecture design of a Cloud based application is essential.

For more information, read “Building Scalable Cloud-Based Apps” to learn the best practices to develop a Cloud based application.

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