A Feast For the Mind: Enrich Yourself as a Security Professional

I was inspired to write this post after reading an article my husband, Bharath Ramamoorthy, an architect wrote to inspire his team to take up courses as part of continuing education.

Humans, by nature, are curious. The inherent curiosity to know more about things around us is the primary driver for learning. To be curious is to be open to new ideas, new resources and new perspectives. To be curious, means not to be afraid to ask questions, to say, I don’t know and most importantly I would like to know!

Being curious should almost be second nature to us, there are so many things around us that we do not know about and we never have the courage to ask how it works!


Need to cross train:

In the work I do, at AT&T, we are recognized for our unique and refreshing ideas. We have different perspectives and more importantly, we are known to have multiple perspectives. As a security professional, it is very important to understand what technology does in terms of human value and the importance it provides to society.  I have yet to meet a security professional who just does one thing! I believe it is important and even vital to our success as a security professional to have the depth and the breadth of different domains of technology and their security/risk aspects.

As security professionals, let’s make it a point to learn something about other advanced /emerging technologies.

Cross training of the mind is the best way to keep you nimble, active, effective, valuable and balanced.

What ‘Guru’ are you today?

We are the best at what we do—there is no one else quite like us! But it is a daily process to be consistently improving ourselves, to be always ahead of the curve. The price is well worth it. When someone calls you the go to person for a specific topic, you have carved an identity for yourself.

Let us take it to the next level by becoming a guru in multiple areas, by being excellent every day and by learning something more every day!

Learn Lead and Share:

An important facet of being curious is to want to learn. But learning for learning is only a step in the right direction. To take all your curiosity and learning to the next level, we must want to share the information. When we learn something with the intent to share, our perspective about the information changes.

We pay more attention to the information and we create little stories about how we hope to share the information with someone. Then miraculously, we never forget what we learned. Once we process the information to be shared over a period of time, we will become leaders of the subject and want to learn and share more.  It becomes a self fulfilling process.

Another year has begun.  As we look back at all our successes from the past year, let’s also look forward to the future and set goals as a security professional.  These goals can include to be curious, to cross train, to be a guru, to learn, to share and to lead. As someone once told me, “Stopping to sharpen the saw will only make the activity of sawing more productive.” We need to pay attention to security education and constantly keep ourselves in the loop of learning and applying.

As we turn to the holidays and fill our hearts with warm memories, let’s expand our mental horizons and feast on a lot of good education!

If this has piqued your curiosity, go over to www.att.com/consulting and take a look at the wealth of knowledge waiting for you including White Papers and webcasts on some key topics in security and beyond. Spend some time today thinking about how you can “jazz” up your security education and training program.

So, how are you planning to “sharpen the saw” for the New Year?  What areas are of most interest to you to learn about being a guru?  We look forward to your comments.
Bindu Sundaresan Strategic Security Solutions Lead AT&T About Bindu