A Hunger for Progress and Peanut Butter Cups

It was a mild winter, and I was unseasonably restless. Thanks to an underused snow shovel and idle running shoes, I had way too much energy in reserve – energy I would use for a little “constructive disruption.”

It was time to rethink the AT&T Networking Exchange in a way that would better reflect our readers’ needs and expectations. I wondered:  What if the chocolate of deep insight was combined with the peanut butter of accessibility afforded by the social and mobile Web? Could they be stronger together? And why was I so hungry all of a sudden?

What resulted from answering these questions is a vibrant idea platform – the new Networking Exchange – built on 5 solid principles:

1. Smart: Create ideas that matter and help people get stuff done. This has been our ambition and our history, and we proudly carry it forward.  We regularly cover topics such as:

2. Accessible: Make it easy for you to find smart ideas and put them to use. We’ve combined our ideas into a single resource, organized them under an expanded set of topics, and included smart filters to help you locate items by topic, author, and resource type.

3. Mobile: Enable ideas to display clearly on smartphones and tablets. We tried something called responsive design, which varies what you see in response to the size of the browser. If it works here, we hope to bring it to life in other experiences.

4. Human: In addition to showing that we have a pulse on the issues, we want you to know that we too have a pulse. Let’s face it, sometimes tech can seem dull, but it doesn’t have to be. Our authors share their knowledge with passion and personality.

  • See how Catherine Scaramuzzi bridges her passion for running and creativity as she immerses herself  in learning how to code cloud apps.
  • Treat yourself to Lon Hickman homespun wisdom as he helps us make sense of network transformation.

5. Exchange: We believe ideas are grown by the gifts of sharing, feedback, and conversation. We hope you’ll use the interactive social features to grow the value of the ideas.

Our hope in reimagining the Exchange is that you find it interesting enough to frequent, useful enough to build knowledge, and compelling enough for you to share insights with your peers.

Enjoy your visit to the Exchange. Let me know what we did right – and what we haven’t quite figured out.  Or if you prefer, suggest topics and issues of interest we should consider covering.
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