A simple solution to protect your business

  • Even a simple cyber attack can result in lost revenue and compromised data, and require hundreds of man hours for recovery.

  • A secure network can provide comprehensive protection against viruses, malware, hackers, and other infrastructure intrusions.

You’ve heard the stories: An employee opens an email from an unknown sender or clicks a link on an unauthorized website and, just like that, your IT infrastructure has been hacked – your infrastructure that supports all your communications, transactions, data sharing, and business applications.

The worm, virus, malware, botnet, or whatever malicious payload your worker ushered in can bring your enterprise to a complete standstill. This equates to lost production and revenue, compromised data, and hundreds of expert man-hours to repair the damage and restore your network. It could be days, weeks, or longer until you’re back to normal operations.

One option to handle such situations is to keep trained security experts on site, waiting for an incident to happen. But that would mean paying the experts’ salary even when you’re not using them—essentially, using budget dollars for a what-if scenario. Option two is do nothing and hope for the best.

Take a proactive approach to security

Neither of these choices is good. Even IT organizations that have the financial resources to pay a full-time security expert have trouble finding and retaining skilled technicians. In addition, both of these options leave you at risk, and the danger will only increase as attacks against networks become more sophisticated.

You need a solution that does more than just help overcome the pain after an attack is launched. You need a resource that helps anticipate potential threats and mitigate impacts from potentially debilitating assaults on your network.

You need a better-secured network.

A network-based security solution lets you be proactive rather than take a wait-and-hope posture. It helps defend against external and internal attacks with a comprehensive, network-level approach that helps protect your data and infrastructure. It provides additional capability to detect attacks and help you respond to suspicious activities before your infrastructure is breached. It can support your compliance with federal and industry regulations. And It can be part of your program to implement corporate security policies by blocking inappropriate emails and controlling access to websites.

A network approach, using such security services as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention, and email security, can give you and your users more peace of mind knowing your systems are better protected.

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