And the Winner Is…

I’ve been writing about the tectonic impact of the shifts to mobile cloud and mobilized business process that are some of the core forces reshaping how small and medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises will run their operations in years to come.  I’ve blogged about the opportunities and challenges that come from this transition.

We’ve made it a point to ensure that our customers can come to rely on us in this journey – we take pride in the fact that we saw this trend early, took a very market- and customer-driven approach in this area, including working with several external best-of-breed providers and even making a strategic acquisition.

Well – someone beyond our customers has noticed this transformation! There have been some virtual high-fives among our team as AT&T has received the 2012 Frost & Sullivan Growth Leadership Award in Enterprise Mobility!

This kind of third-party validation from industry analysts invites a sense of pride in the offerings we’ve been able to create for our customers.

But no amount of recognition can justify resting on our laurels! Throughout this year, you’ll continue to see developments in our Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and mobility cost management capabilities – the areas highlighted in Frost & Sullivan’s recent report.

You might be wondering why Frost & Sullivan considers these factors so important in determining a company’s growth leadership. After all, there are quite a lot of different products and services that fall under the umbrella of “enterprise mobility”. These three are particularly top-of-mind, however, given the current IT environment.

Why MDM?

As consumer devices bombard the workplace, many IT managers are tasked with both protecting corporate networks and enabling employees to increase their productivity by using mobile technologies.

MDM solutions arm businesses with the tools they need to deal with varied smartphone and tablet operating systems – whether their employees are individual responsibility users (IRUs) or corporate responsibility users (CRUs). The essential processes of securing devices, establishing IT policies, distributing software and understanding inventory can all be accomplished through MDM, making it a high priority for companies today.

You can rely on AT&T to integrate mobile security and dual persona solutions as this market morphs and changes and becomes higher profile, attracting the “bad guys” who release malware and wreak other havoc.

Why MAM?

“One of the most critical challenges that IT managers are facing today is the complex and heterogeneous environment of mobility,” writes Jeanine Sterling, Senior Research Analyst for Frost & Sullivan’s Next Generation Mobile and Wireless group. She goes on to explain, “The heterogeneity of the environment spills over from the devices to the applications in today’s scenario.”

Businesses are mobilizing more and more of their applications, creating the need for solutions that allow IT departments to easily develop and distribute apps to employees’ mobile devices.

MAM is a relatively new concept in the wireless industry, but it’s catching on rapidly. We will eventually manage MDM, MAM and mobile security in one integrated console, allowing enterprises and SMBs to grow at their own pace while dealing with just one provider.

Why mobility cost management?

This one’s fairly obvious. Businesses want to see a quick return on their mobility investments. Increasing visibility into and control over the use and spending on wireless services can help IT departments drive unnecessary costs out of the mobile deployment process.

When companies have this level of insight into their transport expenses, they can focus investments on the areas that will make a difference to the bottom line – productivity applications, machine-to-machine solutions, mobile marketing and more. Over time, our mobile cost management solutions will also integrate with MDM and other related mobile solutions. Imagine an MDM solution that alerts the mobile cost management solution when you land in a foreign location and automatically has a service desk move you to the right international plan!

We’re thrilled that Frost & Sullivan has chosen AT&T as a leader in enterprise mobility – and we promise to keep up the good work going forward!
Abhi Ingle Big Data and Advanced Solutions Senior Vice President AT&T About Abhi