Appetite for Apps

  • Mobile use grew by 115 percent in 2013, with consumers relying increasingly on the mobile Internet.
  • It takes a mix of features

No one likes to have a disappointing restaurant experience. When an unfamiliar restaurant is suggested, what does the modern consumer do? Almost automatically, they reach for their mobile device to see how that restaurant is rated, what the menu is like, and if coupons are offered to sweeten the experience. A well-designed mobile app can work like a marketing magic carpet to bring in new and loyal customers. According to the January 2013 Flurry report by Simon Khalaf, year-over-year growth of overall app use in 2013 rose 115%, with a lofty 77% increase in the lifestyle and shopping categories.

Not all apps are created equal, however. According to, a website serving the quick service restaurant industry, there is a just-right mix of ingredients for mobile apps that attract, engage, and create rich interactions to drive new and sustained relationships. sums it up nicely in their February 2014 infographic, 5 Things Your Restaurant’s Mobile Apps Must Include, by Alicia Kelso:



1. A loyalty program. The cost of acquiring a new customer is more than 5 times the cost of keeping an existing one.

2. Mobile payments. Over $1 trillion in mobile payment transactions is forecasted by 2015.

3. Location-based marketing. 38% of consumers have used those handy mobile coupons.

4. Ordering. 35% of restaurant apps have an ordering option today.

5. Entertainment. Keep your brand relevant to your customer base with activities and alerts.

Now that a great deal of mobile internet time is spent using apps, the strategic value they offer to retailers is no longer in question, it is the answer. What is your mobile strategy? See what innovative solutions AT&T offers for your business


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