Apps for Students, Apps for Your Business

Indiana State, with a solution from AT&T and Pyxis Mobile was able to develop and deploy a new application for their students very quickly, and for multiple platforms.

Watch this video for more on what Indiana State University did using mobile apps.

But before you think this kind of application development is only for registration and finding your next class, this solution can be used for business to business applications, business to consumer applications and could even build an app to power your next event or conference.  It can get overly involved and complicated in building an application that is effective.  It is best to look for an agile development solution that makes building your application easier than ever before.

Mobile applications that users install on their device are the ‘stickiest’ method of reaching your customers on the go. With the app installed, no one needs to bookmark anything or remember a URL to get to your content, it’s right there, installed and always ready to use.  Even better, every time a user swipes through their screens of installed apps, they’ll see your application, featuring your logo.  What would you pay to have an ad on someone’s mobile device all the time?  Having your logo show up is just as good, and will cost you far less.

Think you don’t need an application, or that your content is simple enough that you should just stick with a web app?  Think again. Even if you just want to wrap up your website into a simple to use mobile app, are you going to ask users to bookmark your site and create a shortcut on their device?  Do you really think they’ll do that at the same rate that they’ll click a single button to install the app?

No matter what your business, an app can be valuable.  Small restaurant? Set up a rewards program and manage it through the app, make menus and specials available on the app and updated daily, add a little something extra by posting a recipe or two from your kitchen. Invariably, people will try it at home, it won’t taste as good and they’ll come back for more from your place. REALTOR? Get your clients an app that updates all your current listings and lets them set up their own MLS searches. Computer Repair? Give your customers an app that integrates with a live chat so you can tell people quickly whether they need to bring in their machine.

Big or small business, public or private sector – mobile applications are just hitting their stride and applications like Pyxis that make app development easy are going to accelerate the growth of these apps.  Don’t miss the boat!

So, what do you think?  How effective are mobile apps for retaining customers?  How do they stack up against more traditional online advertising?  We look forward to your comments.
David Egger IRU Mobility Programs Lead Marketing Manager AT&T About David