Are We Secure Yet?

Despite the growing desire for mobility, security fears among CIOs and other business leaders are halting some mobile deployments. Three-quarters (76%) of the executives interviewed for the Q3/2013 Lopez Research Enterprise Mobility Benchmark listed security as their top mobile concern. What’s troubling about this trend is that the number continues to grow, increasing from 67% to 76% within the past three months.

The recent news of Blackberry’s potential sale has forced many CIOs to re-evaluate their mobile security strategy.  For example, a wide range of financial firms still use Blackberry devices and fear there are no alternatives. Rather than become immobilized, companies should proactively develop a security and management plan that supports a wide range of devices.

Going forward, businesses will need a strategy that supports multiple operating systems and many types of connected devices (including Internet of Things connected sensors). While some pundits claim Mobile Device Management (MDM) is dead, the truth is that MDM has evolved into Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) — solutions that offer multiple levels of security and management that span from devices through to applications.

The reality is you can never walk into your Board of Directors or executive management and definitively say that your company is completely secure. New threats arise daily and business must continue to operate and leverage new technologies, such as mobile and cloud. BYOD isn’t going away, and mobility is the new computing infrastructure.

And while organizations can’t eliminate security challenges, companies can use EMM to minimize the risk of mobile deployments. Business leaders must define acceptable risk and find an EMM solution that delivers the appropriate mix of user experience and security for your organization. Businesses should also consider how they will secure and support a new wave of connected devices such as sensors on equipment and new devices like Google Glass. There’s no time to waste. The future is already here and your business requires a strategy to support it.

What’s your current mobile security strategy and how will it change over the next year?


Maribel Lopez is the CEO and mobile market strategist for Lopez Research, a market research and strategy consulting firm that specializes in communications technologies with a heavy emphasis on the disruptive nature of mobile technologies. AT&T has sponsored this blog post.

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