Are We Wasting Our Time On Cloud?

With all the buzz around cloud, it sometimes seems like that’s the only option business leaders want to hear about when IT projects are in the mix. But, is cloud right for every application?

According to the November 2012 Forrester Research, Inc. Report by Bill Martorelli: “Managed Hosting: Still Relevant Despite Cloud’s Rise”, it’s not.  While many business and IT leaders are excited about the promise of the cloud, they should also be thinking about whether or not it offers the right features and benefits for what they’re trying to accomplish.

As the report points out, customers still need hosting if and when:

  • Workloads require control and security
  • There are concerns about shared networking
  • Workloads are diverse
  • IT involvement is required vs. self-provisioning

You can read the full report, which addresses the different models and sourcing considerations.

The bottom line is that cloud isn’t all or nothing.  That’s why many enterprises are using hybrid delivery scenarios to meet the needs of diverse workloads.

Has your business identified which service is best suited for your specific needs?  When do you use hosting vs. hosted private cloud or more public as-a-service options? How is your business getting the most out of cloud?
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