Are You In Business To Make Money Or Lose It?

Are you in business to make money or lose it? For most people, the answer to this question is a no brainer! As a security professional, I truly believe that security can impact your bottom line. It is key to protecting your most vulnerable business asset – your data.

If your business has anything worth protecting, whether it’s money, intellectual property, or a trusted reputation, you need to be concerned about the security embedded in your organization.

No company wants to experience a data breach – that much is obvious. As it is well-known by now, a data breach can have a major impact on a business. Perhaps most notably, an organization that experiences a data breach will likely see its reputation suffer, and will quite possibly receive serious fines from the federal government or other regulatory bodies. Depending on the nature of the data exposed and the consequences of the event, a business may also eventually face lawsuits from affected individuals.

As serious as these consequences are, they do not represent the total effects that an organization may experience in the wake of a data breach. In many cases, an incident can have far-ranging, costly, difficult-to-predict effects, which is all the more reason why firms of all kinds should invest in a security strategy.

Balancing protection and productivity

With the number of mobile devices now in the hands of consumers and employees alike, data security is more important than ever before. How much is your data worth? You need to protect it against accidental loss and theft from both insiders and outsiders. Plus, more and more people are working away from the office. Without data, employees can’t work. How do you balance protection and productivity?

Mobility is having an extraordinary impact on the nature of computing in the twenty-first century. It offers many dazzling opportunities that also bring with them some profound challenges related to security and privacy. What are these challenges and how are they manifesting in enterprises throughout the world?

Take steps to safeguard your assets

I recently came across this article reporting that each mobile computing mishap In your company could cost almost half a million dollars. Like the author suggests, the number is too large to ignore. Companies that have jumped into a mobile workforce must take these steps to safeguard their assets:

  1. Don’t overlook mobile security; it’s too important to your company
  2. Build a successful enterprise strategy for mobile security
  3. Educate employees about their personal responsibilities
  4. Raise end-user awareness about emerging threats and corporate mobile device security policies
  5. Proactively prevent mobile security breaches

While there are challenges to meet, mobile computing offers dazzling opportunities that will impact, businesses and users in every country and will continue to blur geographic boundaries. Where will it end? The possibilities are endless.

Does your company have a mobile security strategy in place? Have you considered the consequences of not making it a top priority?
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