Are your business connectivity expectations changing?

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If your business has multiple locations, you have varying needs when it comes to how those locations connect to both your private network and public network.

Wouldn’t it be great if one connectivity solution could help you on both fronts?

Consider this approach: AT&T Multiservice Virtual Private Network (VPN) combines three AT&T solutions without the need for additional equipment:

  • AT&T VPN
  • Private Network Connection
  • AT&T Wi-Fi Enterprise

It allows you to configure, integrate, and manage both public-facing and private networks across remote locations through AT&T’s mobile-friendly portal. It also gives you the ability to customize connection pages, configure network settings, and access reports and analytics – all with a single click.

What’s more, connecting remote locations to applications and sensitive information has never been easier.

Is Multiservice VPN right for your business?

Research shows that public Wi-Fi access plays a significant role in where consumers choose to do business. AT&T Multiservice VPN enables you to meet your customers’ connectivity expectations – while at the same time giving you the capability to enable private applications over a highly secure network to meet your own business needs.

Let’s say you run a chain of restaurants with a few locations, or even thousands of locations. You no doubt have customers who linger and want to stay connected while at your establishments.

Other service businesses large and small, such as auto shops, gas stations, or convenience stores, are likewise looking to entice customers to stay a little longer, or to offer a better connected experience by giving them something to do while they wait. AT&T Multiservice VPN gives you the technology you need to provide your customers with a better experience.

Getting technical for just a moment: how does Multiservice VPN work?

Multiservice VPN uses IP security (IPsec), a set of protocols which exchanges encrypted packets at the IP layer, to deliver the highly secure AT&T VPN.

The Wi-Fi network equipment delivers both the Wi-Fi connection and the IPsec capability in one access point. This means your business can offer Wi-Fi access for both your customers and business while still protecting sensitive data.

Plus, you have the flexibility to set things up on your own, plug-and-play style, and let AT&T manage the service on your behalf. It’s that easy and allows you to focus on running your business.

The important part for your business: connecting to the benefits

With AT&T Multiservice VPN, you get:

  • Flexible networking options with private MPLS for core sites
  • Ready scalability plus highly secure access to cloud apps that integrate through AT&T NetBond®
  • Intuitive, easy to use online management portal for simplified monitoring and management of users across all your networks
  • Increased, unique insights into your customers’ behavior

No matter your business, be it restaurant, retail, hospitality, or branch offices of your company, Multiservice VPN brings highly secure, reliable network connectivity to every location.

For solution providers interested in passing these benefits on to their customers, we plan to make Multiservice VPN available in our AT&T Alliance Channel. We’re currently conducting a controlled introduction and look to launch it fully in the coming months.

Sarita Rao Vice President AT&T Wi-Fi & Data Patterns About Sarita