As a Service Delivers Business Opportunities

Cloud Computing provides a flexible, scalable environment for businesses to grow.  “As a Service” is a new formation in the Advanced Solutions organization which is designed to help businesses by deploying the right tools in a flexible and scalable way for each unique business. This is a practical way many businesses are now using Cloud Computing to achieve solutions.

We have met with industry analysts, customers and partners to better understand their issues and are developing meaningful solutions that scale with the needs and growth in business.

Topics related to this include:

1.Trends shaping the industry

2.Important considerations for businesses when migrating to the Cloud

3.The best way to realize value from the Cloud

Watch for more developments and how this can help your business to achieve the goals you have.

Let us know how you are using The Cloud now and what you’d like to see with “As a Service” solutions.  Leave your comments in the space below and we will get back to you.
John Potter Network Sourcing Vice President AT&T About John