AT&T gives Red Bull ‘rear’ wings

AT&T is a leader in network connectivity. Our relationship with Red Bull Racing takes use of our global network to the next level, relying on its speed and reliability to deliver race performance.

I’m pleased to announce we just signed a multi-year agreement with Red Bull Racing with AT&T serving as the team’s Innovation Partner. Our agreement puts our new AT&T logo in a more prominent location on the rear wing of the racecar. We’ll also provide Red Bull Racing with the connectivity they need to go racing. Fans will also see our logo on the team’s race suit.

As a fan of racing, I love watching the precision, speed, and impact of minor adjustments on performance. Teams factor so many variables into winning a race. The work we do at AT&T shares many of these same challenges and results. We both constantly make updates to improve the speed of our product. Speed and reliability are incredibly important. This isn’t a matter of seconds. This is a matter of fractions of a second.

Over the past several years, we’ve provided Red Bull Racing’s championship-winning team with invaluable support in maintaining the team’s competitive edge. Through faster and more reliable communication services and tools, we’ve helped Red Bull Racing’s employees stay connected. They work collaboratively, virtually anywhere in the world.

This connectivity and speed of communication is vital to improve performance during practice sessions and on race day. For example, the team constantly studies nearly 100 different data feeds coming from the car. Those data feeds are shared in real-time with team engineers both on-site at the track and with the team’s headquarters in the United Kingdom, using our global network. This allows the team and driver to make adjustments right when they’re needed.

Red Bull Racing hits the track for the first test of the season in Barcelona this week. The first official race of the year will be in Australia on March 18. Our network will be there to support the team and connect them to the race track – near or far.

We’re excited to see how this relationship will continue to evolve to keep both AT&T and Red Bull Racing ahead of the competition.

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Frank Jules President - Global Business AT&T Mobile & Business Solutions About Frank