AT&T is an IDC MarketScape Leader Worldwide

  • AT&T was named an IDC MarketScape Leader as a managed security services provider.
  • The company helps customers mitigate security threats, assess vulnerabilities, secure data and infrastructure, and more.

Leading research and advisory firm, IDC, has published the long awaited IDC MarketScape: Worldwide MSS MarketScape Report, where AT&T was named a “Leader”.  Published in June, the 2014 Vendor Assessment compared 11 organizations that offer managed security services (MSS) worldwide using the IDC MarketScape model. The findings were based on in-depth managed security services provider (MSSP) interviews and more than 20 surveys with providers’ customers.

Recognized managed security strengths

As noted in the IDC MarketScape report, “the company is investing heavily in cloud technologies and threat intelligence.” Over the last several months, AT&T has launched a variety of mobile security solutions. Other recent launches include an advanced persistent threat security assessment, cloud Web security (which includes roaming user and mobile support), and new capabilities to help mitigate DDoS attacks. To help address the increasing size and volumes of DDoS attacks, AT&T has also doubled network capacity over the past year. Based on their research, IDC found “AT&T’s investments and drive to be a global leader in MSS are evident.” AT&T was also recognized for its security provisioning options. Customers can choose a la carte, bundled, or single-price solutions, and pay for them in a variety of ways. Per the AT&T customers surveyed, “AT&T constantly strives to find new ways to improve and understand how to deliver security, and it executes time and time again.”

Highlighted strengths include:

• Advanced threat detection and analysis

• Big data analysis of threat intelligence

• Mobile security

• Complementary services

• Flexibility in pricing and payment structures

• Multiple routes to purchase

• Customer service / satisfaction activities

The IDC MarketScape also recognized the security joint venture with IBM. The associated new service combines security network infrastructure with advanced threat monitoring and analytics and, per IDC MarketScape, “meets a real market need with an end-to-end security solution that provides enterprise customers with both integration and simplicity.”

Security solution provider

Both large and small organizations are vulnerable to unexpected interruptions and security violations. To help offset risk and support compliance requirements, AT&T offers a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions that help mitigate security threats across networks, platforms, devices and applications. AT&T provides the first line of defense against attacks with services that assess vulnerabilities, secure data and infrastructure, detect attacks, and respond to suspicious activities.

Read more on the June 2014 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Managed Security Services 2014 Vendor Assessment (doc #248646) and the criteria used.

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