AT&T takes on the Smart America Challenge

  • The SmartAmerica Challenge Expo introduced businesses and the public to new IoT technologies and strategies.
  • AT&T's IoT solutions portfolio helps government agencies and startups build smarter cities.

In February 2014 AT&T got together with several government agencies, startups, and other like-minded companies to build smarter cities using its “Internet of Things” solutions portfolio. The results were showcased at the Smart America Challenge Expo, June 11th, in Washington DC.

It was all started in December 2013 by two Presidential Innovation Fellows – Geoff Mulligan and Sokwoo Rhee. The SmartAmerica Challenge was created to demonstrate how cyber-physical systems and the Internet of Things can boost American competitiveness and provide concrete socio-economic benefits such as the creation of jobs, new business opportunities, economic growth, and improved quality of life. The SmartAmerica Expo, held at the Washington DC Convention Center, provided the opportunity for participating teams to show the result of their work over the past months.

In addition to participating in the Expo, AT&T also met with government technology officials. I presented a project called Event Management for Smarter Cities as part of our alliance with IBM. This project supports decision making and communications throughout the event lifecycle. Leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile communications technologies within an analytical framework allows an event (e.g., music festival, convention, etc.) to be successfully planned, managed and reviewed for opportunities to improve future gatherings.  The technology uses cross-agency information, carrier data and external data sources to present clear, actionable insights in a geospatial and temporal context that empowers organizers, officials and participants to get the most out of special events.

The following day, June 11th, during the SmartAmerica Expo [!], we exhibited at our booth along with 24 additional technical teams who took up the challenge to envision integrated systems of cyber and physical technologies that could improve our everyday lives.

The SmartAmerica Challenge Expo was a great opportunity for the public and business community to hear from Todd Park, the US CTO and to see new communications technologies and strategies in action for the first time and to be inspired to imagine additional applications and collaborations to make the Internet of Things a reality. AT&T was proud to be a participant.

Mobeen Khan Business Executive Mobility Marketing Director AT&T About Mobeen