Awaken the Leader You Thought You Already Were – Part 1

Conventional leadership is no longer useful in today’s evolved workplace. Those few that still knowingly or unknowingly lead by intimidation, authoritarianism, or even by personal magnetism have lost much needed ground and eventually will loose their position of leadership altogether.

The new business world sees an employee that is diligently working toward finding greater meaning in life.  They are using their vast resources of media and communications to aspire toward uncovering personal self-awareness, or the realization of the true Self at varying degrees of personal understanding.

Although many of us are unaware what to call this desire to find real meaning and purpose in our lives, the quest to awaken our human potential is a dominant movement that is changing our personal relationships and our work environments.

In this series of articles, we will discuss the new self-aware leader and the impact their groundbreaking leadership style has initiated a cultural revolution across business, family, and society in general.

Self-Aware Employees Already Among Us

Inside the growing movement, a few radical employees have already achieved varying degrees of “self-awareness” themselves, before their assigned work and political leaders.  We see these focused individuals many times heads down confidently creating new and inventive ideas, inspiring their fellow peers.

Their genuine demeanor and concern for others threads workers with ideas of total equality between management and employees, freedom to be whom or whatever they are, and overall resistance against the draconian authoritarian model. These evolved individuals…

  • Do not oppose authority, but do not fear authority either
  • Openly lead despite not having positions of authority
  • Refuse to accept outdated styles of leadership

More importantly, they are resilient, self-reliant, and expect their assigned leaders to strive toward self-awareness themselves, or step aside so they can continue to inspire and lead their coworkers themselves.

Today’s Workforce Expectations of Leadership

This flipped style in organizational dynamics has left many outdated leaders grasping for power like a dictatorial parent.  Instead of displaying mastery over forceful tactics, today’s leaders must demonstrate mastery at serving the collective group beyond their own ego.

  • Attract and not push
  • Buildup and not teardown
  • Demonstrate through power and not force
  • Nourish, mentor and inspire without being antagonistic, threatening, or provoking

Today’s evolving workforce expects their leaders to be authentic, fully aware, and to operate with balanced masculine and feminine energies of intuitiveness, focus, compassion, logic, and mentoring. Once a leader begins to demonstrate just a few of these attributes, the overall affect is demonstratively profound.

Awaken the Leader You Thought You Already Were (continued)…

Many of us are unaware that much of our greatest traits and talents are dormant. These hidden aspects of us hold a wealth of unhindered productivity, creativeness, motivation, resolve, and will to succeed.

The next entries within this series will focus on helping you uncover the real you, buried inside of your personal psyche.  As we will uncover through this series, becoming a self-aware leader unlocks the unconscious, so you can finally operate at 100% your potential.

In the next entries, we will provide an in depth understanding of the following topics…

  • Understanding Self-Awareness and Its Roots
  • Finding the Self-Aware Leader within You
  • Evolution into the Fully-Awakened Leader
So what do you think?  What traits do you see in today’s leaders that were not evident in leaders of earlier generations?  How has leadership changed in the past few years.  What characteristics will leaders need to have for success in the future?  We look forward to your comments.
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