Massive data growth is an issue IT departments simply can’t ignore. Improving information stewardship (IS) and embracing cloud solutions can both help to cut big data down to size, and deliver the big, valuable insights it promises. But what typifies good IS? And what should you move to the cloud, when?

Get your copy of a new Nemertes Research issue paper, which examines the role cloud solutions can play in meeting the big data challenge, explains why good information stewardship is essential – and shows how you can use it to get more business value from big data.

Read the white paper now, then get answers to your big data and cloud storage questions in the complementary Nemertes Research FAQ paper: Getting the Big Picture: Frequently Asked Questions about Big Data and the Private Cloud.

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To survive the transition to a big data environment, organizations should practice good information stewardship: define policy to guide every byte of information through a process of classification, its lifecycle in storage, protection and insurance against disaster, and ultimate disposition at end...