How to benefit more fully from location-aware technologies

  • Location information services can help bring you closer to your customers.

  • Adopting location-based services can help you stay competitive and relevant.

  • This technology can be applied to existing mobile applications to work across multiple devices and operating systems.

Imagine being able to gather and analyze vast knowledge about your customers to help anticipate their behaviors. Then, based on that data, imagine having the capability to deliver online content to them—according to their physical locations and preferences—to help build stronger relationships and revenue streams.

That’s what location-aware technologies are designed to enable, according to the recent report: Tapping into the potential of location-aware technologies. An example would be an airline determining the location of a passenger to understand their proximity to a departing flight’s gate. With this information, the airline could redirect the passenger to a correct gate if needed.

As location-aware technology becomes more powerful and accessible, organizations need to become “aware” of how they can benefit more fully from the technology, and what they should consider before getting started, such as:

  • What challenges do traditional approaches to location-based services pose? What are the advantages and disadvantages of native, platform- and device-specific development tools?
  • How do popular location-enabler technologies stack up against other methods? Which have the greatest advantages?
  • How can hybrid Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Program Interfaces (APIs) help businesses incorporate location-aware capabilities into their existing mobile applications to work across multiple devices, operating systems, and global carriers?
  • What are some examples of how these services can be used to support a variety of business activities?

According to a research perspective by IDC, the features of AT&T Location Information Services have the potential to not only answer complex business questions, but also to create impacts across location-specific processes in many organizations and industries.1

Download the full report, Tapping into the potential of location-aware technologies, to learn how location-aware technologies can help your business better understand and anticipate your customers’ needs and behavior.

Learn more about AT&T API services.


1 Appendix: AT&T Location Information Service (Location IS) Development, January 5, 2015, IDC.


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