Better Reach, More Control – A CDN That Works For You

This week, AT&T announced a bold new strategic alliance with Akamai Networks, a combination that offers unparalleled reach and scope in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) marketplace. The real winners?  Businesses looking for a powerful, global, feature-rich CDN with faster access to over 100 million users of mobile, Wi-Fi, Broadband, and Internet TV services.

Let’s look at just a few ways this alliance will shape the industry and offer businesses superior tools to deliver faster content and improved application performance to users.

A Stronger Content Delivery Network

Businesses get more features, more reach, and more control, backed by AT&T service and support. Here’s how:

More Features. Whether businesses need essential CDN services to reduce network traffic and improve end user experiences, or more complex optimization and acceleration services, the new AT&T CDN delivers — mobile content optimization, dynamic site acceleration, cloud acceleration, broadcast and advertising services, and more.

More Reach. In the United States, more than 100 million mobile, broadband, public Wi-Fi, and U-Verse customers get faster network access. Our new CDN, powered by Akamai, can deliver content to these users faster and more reliably than ever before.

More Control. A Content Control Center offers crisp, granular control of CDN features and services. One site to manage content delivery details, rules, app acceleration, and content optimization. Business demands are supported through a secure, flexible application with customizable permissions.

By marrying the premier network service provider with the largest provider of content delivery services, this alliance opens a world of possibilities for content owners, and delivers content, apps, and cloud services faster for end users and customers.

What are your thoughts on the alliance? What advantages can you see for your business?
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