“Breaking Glass”: APIs unlock opportunities

  • AT&T's transformative reseller program enables tailor-made mobility, cloud, and IP networking solutions.

  • API platform unlocks opportunities for solution providers.

Emerging Business Markets applies AT&T Foundry® principles to everything we do. Openness, collaboration, innovation and agility all play a central role.

Our first order of business was to establish and execute a new distribution model. The transformative reseller program, AT&T Partner ExchangeSM, was operational in less than 90 days. Through collaboration with solution providers, we’re expanding our reach and delivering more tailor-made mobility, cloud and IP networking solutions to companies across a number of industries.

We’re doing things differently and “breaking glass” to unlock more opportunities. One example is our new API platform that is redefining the customer experience and opening doors to innovation for solution providers.

Our API platform makes it easier for solution providers to do business with us. It accelerates our processes. Solution providers can connect to the secure gateway to access the APIs that interact directly with core AT&T systems. The APIs enable solution providers to provide quotes to their customers for select AT&T products nationwide in seconds, and orders have flowed to field engineers within minutes of being submitted. All because of APIs.

But it doesn’t stop here. We will also be making the platform available for third parties. They’ll be able to connect and create applications and value-added services to support AT&T’s expanding roster of solution providers in the program. The platform is also being made available to AT&T’s other indirect channels.

AireSpring is a nationwide provider of cloud communications services and data solutions focused on multi-location enterprises. I’ve invited AireSpring CEO Avi Lonstein to explain the benefits from APIs so far.  Here’s what he shared with me:

Brooks: What has been your experience in the past working in this industry?

Avi: Despite technology advancements and continuing automation of the core network, the systems and tools for collaboration between companies have not kept pace.

It’s mostly been a swivel chair process in the past, where you have to re-key information from system to system. This can be arduous, error prone, and time consuming, requiring significant resources and slows down our speed to market.

Now with the development of the APIs at AT&T, AireSpring has been able to fully integrate our systems with AT&T.  It’s a true collaborative environment and we’re delivering information in near real-time to our customers and agents.

Brooks: Your team has been actively consuming our APIs. In fact, you were our first collaborator in this space, and it has had some positive impacts. Can you share with us how these APIs have helped to accelerate your cycle times?

Avi: AireSpring has developed an on-line, real-time quoting platform called QuoteSpring that provides instant quotes for our multiple offerings. We specialize in multi-location, meshed solutions for anywhere from 5 to 500 locations.

In the past, large quotes with AT&T took days or weeks to turn around. Today – that’s been shortened significantly. Since completing integration, we are able to produce a complete, accurate proposal nearly instantaneously through the APIs, giving AireSpring a true speed to market advantage.

Brooks: We really appreciate AireSpring’s collaboration with us to help create this platform. As you know, collaboration is really at the heart of our program. From your perspective, how has being part of the process benefitted you?

Avi: We really appreciated how your development team fully collaborated with us in all the steps of the process. The team listened to our suggestions and we even had the ability to influence the API scaling and volume demands required for QuoteSpring. I can tell you from my experience with APIs that these developers clocked a speed record on how fast they burned through the issues to get out a working product.

Brooks: APIs can reduce cycle times, but I believe the economic impact goes beyond this by taking cost and touch points out of the whole ecosystem. Can you talk about the results you’ve seen and the economic impact since AireSpring has connected to our APIs?

Avi: The additional revenue generated speaks for itself – since connecting with AT&T’s APIs, our sales of AT&T services have more than doubled. And we have opportunities in the pipeline that are truly exciting.


Brooks McCorcle AT&T Partner Solutions President AT&T About Brooks