Bricks-and-mortar deserves better insights

Consumers and retailers want the same thing: A fun, engaging shopping experience where the retailer can serve up exactly what the customer is looking for.

Local stores face stiff competition from the online shopping experience in this regard. On the web, smart use of analytics and consumer insights serves to please both the buyer and the seller.

Still, everyone likes an attractive spot in the neighborhood where you can try out and touch the merchandise. Imagine if these physical retailers had the same extra tools as online sellers, such as the ability to anticipate consumer needs based on analytics. AT&T is proud to lead the way on this Connected Retail experience – innovations that make the in-person shopping experience even better.

In December 2015, we introduced AT&T Data Patterns for Out-of-Home Media, to help outdoor advertisers better understand audience demographics passing nearby outdoor ads. Now we’ve extended this product to retailers and their unique needs.

AT&T Data Patterns for Visitors helps provide powerful insights based on anonymous and aggregate group behaviors of consumers. This data-driven solution can help deepen a retailer’s understanding of the movement and demographics of its customer base. It includes home and work zip codes of visitors by group and by time of day, along with statistics such as age ranges, income ranges, and gender of customer segments. Always in anonymous group format.

When retailers understand their shoppers better, they can improve marketing, communications, and operating decisions.

They can help optimize the right products at the right store locations and maximize traffic opportunities. And they can use insights into home and work locations of customer segments to reach their customers at the most convenient location.

AT&T provides valuable insights to businesses without compromising consumer privacy. AT&T Data Patterns does not share individual data – only counts. For instance, a report might tell what percentage of store visitors is males aged 20-30. Consumers are always able to opt-out of having their anonymous, aggregated information used at

AT&T Data Patterns is just one tool that will be on display. AT&T Wi-Fi is another tool that fits particularly well with Data Patterns. It improves the customer experience in your store, it adds possibilities for opt-in personalization, and it enhances the depth of information available to business owners.


Sarita Rao Vice President AT&T Wi-Fi & Data Patterns About Sarita