Building a More Connected World with IoT Innovation

  • With 22 million connected devices worldwide, the AT&T network brings IoT to life.

  • IoT agreements with 136 companies this year are driving further innovation.

  • Connected juke boxes, smart trash bins, and cargo tracking are just a sampling of evolving IoT applications.

We’re in the industry of connecting everything. The AT&T network alone has nearly 22 million IoT connected devices worldwide and more than 2,200 certified device types. Last week, I attended our annual media event in New York City to bring these numbers and several use cases to life for reporters, bloggers, and analysts.

We’ve been evolving IoT technology for more than a decade. Companies depend on our experience as a technology leader for deploying IoT solutions and building strategies that solve real business problems.

We’ve already struck IoT agreements with more than 136 companies across numerous industries since this year began. These customers are from a diverse set of verticals that include agriculture, automotive, aviation, energy, healthcare, transportation, security and supply chain logistics.

Although the range of our IoT solutions continues to expand and evolve, the purpose for creating them remains the same: to help businesses streamline processes, reduce costs, be more productive, and create new products and lines of businesses.

Some of the game-changing IoT products we shared at the show last week include:

The Connected Jukebox – TouchTunes is one of the largest interactive music and entertainment console manufacturers. More than 71,000 bars and restaurants across North America and Europe feature their music consoles. This innovative company uses IoT solutions to remotely update their jukebox with the latest songs, menus, and themes. And patrons can select and play songs using the TouchTunes mobile application on their smartphone. The TouchTunes staff joined us last week to demo the ultimate music experience.

The Smart Bin – We developed a smart trash receptacle at the AT&T Foundry for IoT innovation center in Plano, TX. The Smart Bin is a fully connected, secured and functional shredder that can send helpful information to a waste management company. It sends out a wireless signal to a dispatcher when it needs to be emptied. It can also alert the dispatcher when pickup isn’t necessary to save fuel and other expenses. It even sends notifications when a bin has moved from its original location to prevent theft. These simple capabilities help waste management companies save time and money.

AT&T Cargo View – AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe® is one of our leading IoT solutions for managing supply chain assets. It gives businesses a deeper look into their shipments. A recent survey shows that 88 % of supply chain managers want greater insight and visibility, and improved damage, loss and theft prevention.1 Cargo View can track and monitor precious cargo on land, sea and in the air with a single device. The small Cargo View device is placed in shipping packages to monitor temperature, pressure, light and shock through built-in sensors. Racine Berkow Associates joined us on the showroom floor last week to share how cargo tracking technology has transformed their fine art business.

IoT technology is growing at such a rapid pace. There are endless possibilities for connecting assets in a number of different verticals. Smart jukeboxes and trash bins are just a few examples of how we’re taking IoT innovation to a whole new level. These emerging solutions point to a new productivity revolution that businesses in almost every industry can benefit from.

1Eye For Transport, “Real-time monitoring of supply chain data. From bar-codes to GPS and M2M – The why, where” (February 2014)

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