Build a seamless customer experience

  • Consumers want to move seamlessly between channels in a single interaction

  • Consumers are beginning to expect you to engage them with expert guidance

Today, retailers, banks, and healthcare payers and providers talk about the importance of a seamless customer experience. Other industries are quietly observing from the sidelines, realizing that a consumer expectation today rapidly evolves into a business requirement tomorrow.Wading through the analyst, consultant and vendor materials it appears one key element of the discussion is missing: a prescriptive model. Without a clear understanding of the desired future state, and how success is defined and measured, converging channels into a seamless, single experience is an effort in futility.

The revolutionary Retail Seamless Customer Experience Model defines the necessary attributes of a seamless customer experience leveraging a well understood success metric: the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Each of the eight attributes fall into one of three categories (Channel Surfing, Customer Facing Analytics, Privacy) related to a specific technology enabler (mobility, analytics, security).

Channel surfing (any device, anytime, anywhere)

Consumers want to move seamlessly between channels during a single interaction, choosing the channel appropriate to their device, available time, location, and degree of focus. As a result, over the next several years, channels will evolve to support multiple interaction modalities that enable consumers to be as engaged or disengaged as desired. In addition, the mix of human-to-device interaction types will grow dramatically, moving beyond text, pointers, voice, and gestures to include sensory input and object recognition.

Customer-facing analytics (engaging, intuitive, fast)

Consumers are beginning to expect companies to anticipate their questions and engage them with expert guidance. Analytics will be positioned to rapidly and intuitively guide a customer to the best decision for them. Agile development will enable companies to build low-cost, software-based experiments to test revenue generation and NPS theories. Winning algorithms will be automatically incorporated while the losers are pared from the code tree.

Privacy (trusted, supported)

Privacy expectations of individuals have changed dramatically with the advent of social media, however so has the range of expectations from individual to individual. Providing a secure foundation with appropriate policies builds the trust necessary between buyer and seller. When trouble arises, how well the customer is supported in resolving the problem can make or break the relationship.

It doesn’t take hindsight to see the obvious. By 2020, ever-evolving customer expectations will push the tectonic plates of brand value and the customer experience together. How much grinding occurs along the fault line will determine profitability.

Successful competitors will proactively work to bring these two forces together and benefit from the uplift, while their competitors disintegrate amid the tremors of irrelevance.

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