Business’ Big Bet on Education

Times have changed for sure relative to education.  When I think back to my days in high school and college in the eighties, there were the basics — teachers, classrooms, black/white boards and text books.   Oh, and of course, I cannot forget to mention the good old type writer!!  This came in handy when pressed to deliver a research paper or two.

That was then and this is now.  Now is a time when students can utilize digital content, the web, mobile devices, the Intranet and more to take on the daily challenges of school work.   Students are no longer tied to the classroom and a “desktop”, but are free to utilize tools that enhance the learning experience on the road, in the library or in your study group of the week.

Given this trend that is certainty here to stay, more and more I see companies trying to help improve the education experience enabling the transformation to the digital age.  For example, take NBC. NBC  Corp. launched the “Education Nation” in September 2010 and hosted the first Educational Nation Summit in New York City.  This brought educators, parents, and students together to understand and share perspectives about education here in the U.S.

A recent MSDN blog caught my eye talking about Trends in Education 2012.  Beyond the tools at hand that Microsoft has brought forth like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, there are broader considerations like cloud computing and data security, the digital curriculum and, of course, investing in the teacher.

Think about how Apple has changed learning with the iPad.  Cory Fitzgerald wrote a great piece in the Science of Learning Blog, called “the 10 Big Benefits of using iPads in Schools”.  Cory talks about how the iPad increases collaboration, enables mobile data collection, IT and classroom integration and much, much more.

AT&T is also part of the discussion and the evolution.  AT&T offers a broad set of solutions across security, cloud, mobility and network that can make schools more productive.

There are two trends that we see. The first trend is Mobile learning.  Students are not confined to brick and mortar classrooms.  The dynamics of learning has changed and can be enabled from tablets to netbooks to smartphones.  Check out the video, “Mobility and Education Technology Solutions from AT&T

Another trend that we see impacting education is the ability for institutions and schools to leverage the cloud.   Cloud solutions like Synaptic Storage or Hosting can transform how schools work with secure, on-demand scalable solutions.  We deliver cloud services over our wholly owned and operated, highly -secure, intelligent network or via the public Internet, depending on the needs of the school or institution.

So how do you learn today?  Is it any different in school, higher education or business?  How will it change with the pace of technology advances? We look forward to your comments.
Michael Nigro Application Sales Manager AT&T About Michael