BYOD in Healthcare

  • BYOD brings great benefits, especially with the tools in place to manage sensitive information.

  • SleepMed, Inc. realizes the potential for future transformation.

  • Read more in our interview.

The move to a Bring Your Own Device model can carry great benefits, especially when companies have the right tools to manage sensitive information in employees’ personal devices. This is especially true for healthcare institutions responsible for protecting patient data sent through email and attachments.

SleepMed, Inc. is a sleep diagnostics and ambulatory EEG provider with 1,300 employees, and they recently moved to a BYOD model. I asked SleepMed’s CEO Sean Heyniger to explain why his company moved to a BYOD model – and the benefits he’s seen so far. This is what he had to say:

We’ve seen benefits already.  There’s great potential for future transformation. It has already given our technology organization a more efficient way to manage and deploy clinical applications to our employees.  We started immediately with email but are now expanding to deploy additional technology to our customer base, all in a highly secure format.

To read the full interview with Sean, visit the Reimagine Business blog.

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