BYOD: Next step for mid-sized businesses with big ambitions?

  • Nine out of ten enterprises allow personal devices to access corporate data, while less than half of mid-sized businesses do.

  • Tighter mobile management could help support the flexibility that ultimately enables growth.

Day to day, workers need access to files, documents, and increasingly sophisticated content, wherever business takes them. More and more mobile apps are exchanging information with back-office systems. So with BYOD more than a passing fad, and a growing proportion of the labor force comprised of freelancers and contractors, workers will invariably attempt to connect to corporate networks using their own devices as well as, or instead of, company-issued ones.

As the infographic below reveals, nine out of ten large enterprises allow personal devices to tap into corporate data, yet less than half of mid-sized businesses extend the same freedom. What does this mean in practice? Employees or contractors whose companies don’t provide smart phones and tablets can’t access company data via their own devices, inhibiting their productivity on the go. The ripple effect is that these organizations are likely to be constraining their own growth.

Mid-sized businesses can no longer ignore the phenomenon of personal devices legitimately infiltrating their organizations. They need to put measures in place to:

▪    Allow workers to use personal as well as corporate devices to access the company’s applications and data, while ensuring that the user experience across devices is seamless

▪    Provide secure access to resources according to the user’s profile and prevailing company policies

▪    Enable users to register their personal devices and enjoy a frictionless single sign-on experience

▪    Have the ability to remove data and de-provision apps remotely, should a worker lose a device or leave the company

Tighter mobile management helps larger enterprises ensure that a growing number and diversity of devices can plug safely into the corporate network without exposing sensitive assets to unauthorized eyes or malicious intent. Similarly, for mid-sized businesses, investing in mobile management solutions pays dividends by ensuring that the freedom and flexibility needed to drive profitable growth doesn’t come at the expense of security.


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