Building the business case for a BYOD program

  • Mobile diversity and employee demand drive growth in BYOD programs

  • Successfully planning for, and implementing a BYOD program is no small task

  • Empowering your Workforce Through BYOD delivers real returns

As a recent report from Forrester Research reveals – “Building the Business Case for a BYOD Program” – a growing diversity of mobile devices connecting to the corporate network is becoming the reality for organizations today. However, it’s vital to consider all the implications of giving employees the freedom and flexibility they demand. The report recommends:

  • Proactively establishing a cross-functional BYOD planning team to make the whole concept workable.
  • Determining which mobile devices and platforms you’ll support, and what levels of access you’re prepared to grant to corporate applications and data.
  • Calculating direct and indirect costs, including any infrastructure or wireless service investments that may be required.
  • Estimating BYOD adoption rates and participating role profiles, to support a tiered reimbursement model aligned to specific workforce segments.
  • Rollout out an awareness program to educate employees on policies, reimbursement criteria and regulations.

Empowering the workforce by enabling people to work on their preferred devices is not automatically a lower cost option. But it is one that, properly executed, can deliver a healthy return, whether through enhanced productivity, improved business process efficiencies, increased flexibility or new revenue opportunities, not to mention a more satisfied and stable workforce. And as the Forrester report observes, it’s an opportunity for IT to create a shared vision throughout the organization, while developing a compelling business case for expanding BYOD support in future.

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