Carry the Cloud With You?

China’s company Alibaba recently released a smart phone K-Touch W700. The significance of the mobile phone is that it is Cloud-powered with Aliyun OS, a new mobile Operating System. “Yun” is the Chinese pronunciation for “Cloud”.

According to Alibaba, Aliyun OS makes use of Cloud-based services, including e-mail, internet search, weather updates, GPS and mapping applications. All users will be provided 100GB free storage for their contact information, call logs, text messages, notes and photos accessible from both PCs and handsets.


When I read the news, my first thought was “Wow! Their wireless providers will be very happy to transmit all of this data between Cloud-powered phones and the Cloud.” Then, I started to wonder how capable is Aliyun because there will be a lot of data to be managed and a lot of work verifying users’ identity.

Dr Wang Jian, the chief architect of the company’s AliYun OS said “You cannot separate Cloud from mobile…One cannot succeed without the other. The mobile internet right now is just a structure. We now think we want to make the internet mobilized.” He mentioned that AliYun Tablet was coming.

Mobilizing internet? What does it mean to the wireless industry and its related businesses?

This is a trend for mobile using Cloud when mobile devices get smarter and people want to communicate with their mobile devices in innovative ways.

What will it require for  mobile and Cloud to work together successfully?  A faster network to transmit data, Cloud- powered devices to use with Cloud services and efficient Cloud infrastructure to communicate with client apps to start with.  Please refer to the Mobility and Cloud web page to learn more.

These are just a start.  More will be needed as we see this new trend develop.

What are your thoughts about the Mobility and Cloud, or Aliyun?
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